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CHICS Greenness is Good for You initiative!

What Is It?

A redistribution of unused resources. Many bigger organisations have older, but perfectly usable PCs and other hardware sitting around, redundant with the introduction of newer systems.

These systems would be of immense value to smaller organisations who have not got a reasonable I. T. level within their infrastructure.

Greenness is Good for You is a exchange where these redundant systems can be offered, either free, or for a small fee to other organisations. Those looking for or offering such equipment can express an interest here.

As well as providing a useful service for organisations (good for you), this initiative is also good for the environment (greenness) with less waste of materials and less dumping of old equipment.

Another way you help with providing I.T. for those without is by visiting a charity the collects old computers, refurbishes them and distribute to other charities.

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