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CHICS (Co-operative Housing Integrated Computer Systems Ltd) provides housing co-ops, housing associations, tenant management co-ops, estate management boards and hostels, with a range of software solutions for the management of rent, property maintenance, stock management and tenants/waiting list/contacts data.

We also provide all the necessary back-up in the form of advice, training and support. CHICS currently uses Microsoft .Net as a development platform.

Early Start

Software development began in the early 1980s when Colin Boyd started out developing Housing Management software on a SuperBrain computer (see photo below). He developed a Rent Management system under the name of Braso.

Gill Pettitt joined Colin in the early 90s, making the first stab at developing the Maintenance system for our earlier version of CHICS, version 9.

CHICS was formed around 1993, and became incorporated in 1995. So in one form or another our Housing Management software has been around for quite some time.

Colin now works with Mark Prichard and James Rial continuing the development of CHICS products.

Debbie Fletcher joined us in the summer of 2005 working with administration and enquiries, and Carlos Lozada has been with us since July 2003, he works in London giving training, demonstrations and providing installations and consultancy.

With the wealth of experience in housing management within our team we can easily tailor the system to suit the way your organisation works.

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What else? Well, here's what our staff get up to in their spare time.

Colin is offering clocks for sale and repairs at

James is a volunteer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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