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TenSoR Features

Small-works contract management tool allowing schedule-of-rates based bills of quantity to be fully specified, contracts awarded through tender comparison report, and works followed through valuation stages to final account. By highlighting best pre-tendered prices it is a smooth process to identify the most appropriate contractor for a job - thus making the tender process unnecessary.
Tensor is easy to use and flexible - any situation can be dealt with simply.

Developed for a UK City Council, direct savings of over £40,000 were made on the first year's contracts alone by means of the pre-tendering process. It enabled unforeseen works costs to be reduced after pre-tendered prices were compared with a submitted bill - a far more reasonable compromise cost was reached.

But money saving isn't the only aspect that pleased the council officers. We work closely with our software users to meet their requirements, so the benefits are ongoing - time spent on job preparation is considerably reduced - giving the knock-on benefit of increased staff productivity and job satisfaction!

Who it is for

It can be used by clients, contractors and sub-contractors.

Engineers, surveyors, administrators - all will find the straightforward presentation, and overview and analysis, provides a reliable base. Bill of quantity creation and contract management becomes transparent and cost effective.

The TenSoR Package
  • Schedule of Rates – a simple schedule that can be out put to and received back on spreadsheets drives the Tensor job specification. The schedule will accept tender prices from multiple contractors and sub-contractors on a regular basis, and undergoes a validation process before import to the system. Schedule series headings can be provided and your own SoR can be imported or keyed.
  • Job Preparation – flexible, simple to build and modify. Schedule displayed as intuitive tree-based structure. Jobs can be broken down to sub-sites for better analysis and control. Copy standard elements between jobs.
  • Price comparisons – instant analysis against pre-tendered schedule
  • Bill of Quantity - generated as contract awarded
  • Contracts – awarded and bills produced
  • Valuations – highlight variances on job elements
  • Reporting – ranked tenders for awarding contracts. Bill of quantities. Valuation and remeasure figures for budgets
  • Audit – all contractual detail is tracked in parallel file.
  • Security – encryption of sensitive rates data.

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