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TenSoR Specifications

Works Contract Management
Hardware PC - Networks 100Mbit advised

Program .Net framework (installed if required).
Optional option - can be used with supplied Schedule of Rates.

Records Microsoft Access V8 default. Other database formats supported
Contractor Tenders
Jobs - variations
Schedule - Excel - based on your individual requirements

Security Administrator and Operator levels.

Features Job build - simple selection in table form
Schedule presented in easy to manage tree format
Standard schedule and plain English switchable descriptions
Pre-tendering ability
Cross contractor check.
Contract awards and bill production
Contractors may check their rates easily
Flexible and simple on-going changes to job specification i.e. additions from schedule or zeroing
Simple format for re-measurements
Contractors or client can set up interim valuations
User defined built-in alerts for changes to original contract during valuation
Easily split contracts into 'mini-bills' or sub projects
On-screen bill averages

Input Schedule - customised or standard
Tenders – Spreadsheet
Job Specifications
Job Operators

Output Post interim valuation report - summary figures - amount due.
Pre-copies of final or interim bills
Final or interim bills require Order No.

See Prices for cost details.

Service Performance specification guarantee. Support annually as License Agreement

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